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We are the manufacturer that established a reputation for professionalism, precision through the 20+ years experience and expertise, control and ultimate supervision over the whole process of production.

Our products represent years of scientific and practical experience, naturally evolved to the highest pharmaceutical standards, which is proofed through numerous independent lab tests and excellent reviews from our customers. Ultima Pharmaceuticals meets the needs of most conscious and selective customers.

There is no need to be an expert in the AAS sphere to find out all the benefits of our products. Our managers are involved in educating our distributors, providing them with all necessary and relevant information in the sphere of AAS and supplements development.

We understand current strangle over the steroid industry, which demands further effort to protect our customers data. Besides the product development we offer 100% privacy and made all the needed steps to make our customers feel and stand secured.


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Verify Product

From International shipments each our product has a verification code proving that an item is produced by Ultima Pharmaceuticals. By filling in the blanks, you are able to verify the product and rest assured with its authenticity.

Currently from our US warehouse we do not ship OILS with boxes, For verifiying your products please email us, We can verify your products and reseller. Tablet products we are shipping with boxes also from US base.

Also if your product code is does not work, no worries just contact us for verify.
-Ultima Team

Ultima Pharmaceuticals


We offer a wide variety of oral and injectable steroids, peptides in different dosages and forms. This page will help you with your choice. Sorting filters and comprehensive description is available for every product in one click. For additional consultation do not hesitate to contact us.

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Laboratory Tests

All the products are manufactured in a sterile environment and were tested to verify and prove their anabolic qualities. We possess all the documentation needed for medications, tablets and injections included. If you are in doubt, on this page you may observe and closely examine licenses and scrutinize numerous independent laboratory tests to ensure our reliability.


We Have Selected Distributors Who Are In Direct Contact With Us.

Ultima Pharmaceuticals cooperates only with known and widely trusted companies which correspond to the highest standards of quality & service. Here you can find the list of our official distributors sorted by region. If you want to join the list please send a message to our support line with a little presentation and our managers will contact you to discuss the terms.

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